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Leadington Broadband

Would you like faster broadband in Leadington? The way it has been in the past and is now is unacceptable for everyone especially those who work at home.

There is the 5 -10 Mb service now operating in Leadington that has been tested now for six months. It is NOT through the telephone system in my case when it works the land line can be removed why pay dead line rental for something hardly used.

As a guide the theory is if you can see the chimney at Leadon Cottage without obstructions such as trees you will be able to have the broadband. All installations are subject to survey.

Supa Lite


Lite +


Monthly Data Limit (download)

150 GB

150 GB

150 GB

150 GiB

Maximum Download Speed

12 Mbps

12 Mbps

12 Mbps

12 Mbps

Maximum Upload Speed

12 Mbps

12 Mbps

12 Mbps

12 Mbps

Monthly Fee

£9.50 inc vat

£15.00 inc vat

£20.00 inc vat

£29.50 inc vat

One-off Connection Fee

£49.00 inc vat

We have now tested the new broadband service in Leadington comparison to normal broadband


10 GB download

2.9 GB Upload


1.1 GB Download

0.3 GB Upload